Thursday, December 3, 2009

If only i can stand up once again....

Saturday, August 8, 2009


things have gone soo wrong lately.. everything is so messed up...
not revealing the prob here of course, since this is a public blog.....
anyw, im trying to keep things to myself now... :) have been a lil secretive lately.. oh well.. who cares btw :D
friends who ought to know will def have the chance to know wads going WRONG with me... lolss.. apparently its not a big deal to others, but for me, it may be...? :)
so yeahh.. this post is pretty much random.. as im waiting for my hair to dry...mean while, since the last time i updated was weeks ago, guess its time to come up with another post :)

realised stg recently.. things wouldnt turn out as much as u wish.. is this lifeee..??? when i least expect stg to happen, it just happened randomly.. :S this is life, its all i right.. i guess so..

anyw, i had a super duper tiring experience yest, like seriously.. imagine waking up in the morning at 8.45am and not sleeping on the particular night.. this is wad we call.. PRO.. but i almost fainteddd.. zzzz.. its time for me to rest now...

a short post btw... with a ss pict of me :P

yeay!babylucass is with me now :P:P
xoxo ppl.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Birthday Shoutout.

dear big bro, happieee birthday!!! =)
hope u had a memorable one :)
this is the only family photo i have ;)

the 4 of us :)

Saturday, July 18, 2009


sorry ppl.. again, my blog was dead ever since the last paper ended... my fault.. i was soo lazy to update.. after all, places i went werent interesting.. so yeahh.. i've lost the temptation to blog.. hehehehe..

ntg much happened lately.. life is as usual.. i've only got 2 weeks plus of hols, which is sooooooo not enuff.. so time is limited... had few outings with my darlingss, pretty much enjoyed but i wish time slows down alil bit so that i can enjoy more =(

anyw, so it is.. i've been neglecting my blog for ages, yes i know! i was just sooo lazy to upload and adjust the photos.. so i decided to drag drag drag until today. guess its time.. if not im gonna lose all my loyal visitors ahem. hehehee...

picts are uploaded in fbook =) below are just a few random picts taken at zink's place.:) yeap, me and teng and jchen went down to the city to visit.. OMG how sweeeet we are lols. dinner at han guuk guan with the sopau weizhang..hahahaha.. dinner was goood.. very very likieee!!!!=) bbq $9++ per person...isnt it cheap.? friends in melb, shud try it some day!!! :P trust me, no regrets eating there :) nyeknyeknyek...

in a dilemma situation noww.. cant make up my mind which sub to take.. econs of money and banking or.... international marketing..??? i have actually enrolled in econs, but.. after browsing the weekly lecture slides, i got a feeling that im failing this unit..OMG.. godd help me plss.. =(
or shud i change it back to international marketing..?if i dun take this core sub, sooner or later i've to face it tho, cause its a core sub.. damn it.. gotta work extra hard like seriously...

i know i said that last yr when i received my results.. as far as i rmbr, i told darlingTg that i was gonna work hard blablablabla.. CRAP. total crap!!! to be honest, i am sooooooooooo disatisfied bout my results.. friends scoredd with flying like the worse among my friendss, apparently... wads the point of having sucha long time to study when results turned out to be soooo horrible..??? its not like i never studied, i did! prob in a wrong way like everyone said =(
can anyone tell me the correct way to study???? i know one of the point is to study smart, like i mentioned in the previous post.. oh well, i've tried.. but.. sighh ...dun want to mention bout it anymoree... hope miracle happens this sem. *pray hard*

lets ignore my emo nemo thoughts! back to happiee happiee moments i shared with my darlingsss.. pict below is tengteng!!! yup, she was actually promoting zink's MCD cap..lolss.. zink, cant blame us laa.. this is the first time having the chance to do so.. hahahahahah :P:P

thats me, doing the same thing as well.. !

zink's MCD cap! dun ask me how she got it.. LOL. answer is pretty obvious!!!

me trying to act cute, but failed in a way.. LOL

me and zinkkkkkkkk!!!! the darling who gives me the "mama" hug and "mama" feel!!

me and darling teng teng!!!

the 3 of us!!!! black white black .. so nice right?hahaahaha..

the choon/choong cousins

the god mother and god son?
or shud i put it this way, kai ma and kai zhai?lolss

the sopau weizhang.. taken by zink.AHEM. oh well, this pict just gives me the gloomy, spooky, scary feeel.. hahahahha... he was playing tetris btw. lols

candid cam!!! lols

p.s all the best to u!!!!
will never forget the day.. the important day which i think its worth being rmbrd :)


Monday, July 6, 2009


hope is the only thing i can do now :)

♥♥ pretty boy of mine.

Friday, June 26, 2009

My Loves.

hello ppl! again, im taking a short break from the dam studies.. imagine.. everyone has done with their exams.. except for me and a few of my friendss.. soo.. arghhh!

anyw, i miss home like seriously.. i miss my storm boi.. i miss the arguments i had with my 2nd bro.. =S i miss my room, my comfy room i miss the plasma tv, i miss the outings i had with my loves... i miss like every single thing that happened b4 in msia.. =(
prob because im too stressed up.. exam wasnt good so far.. so yeah.. the stress feeling is accumulating up till my brain.. and im soon gonna BURST. :S

ppl must be wondering why the hell i am here during exam period.. lols.. blog is the only way for me to express how i feel.. so here i am.. :) i cant wait to party with my friendsss!!!! plan has been posted up in fbook long time ago and yet i couldnt join them for the past few days =( so, i m SO GONNA enjoy myself to the max after the 1st of JULY!!! karaoke @melb central here i comeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

another thing which i would like to express here is all bout interest..
"if the interest is there, u'll try hard no matter how mny times u've failed" is this true?i wonder.. sometimes im thinking of whether to change my major.. :S taking econs as my major is simply not my interest AT ALL.. to be honest... ppl will ask me.. :" then why dun u change ur major to stg that ur interested in?" oh well, the only thing i can answer is that.. im stuck in the world of biz since f4.. so yeah..not to mention that im interest is all bout investigation, more to bio type like chemicals stuffs.. LOL. i know if i were to change major now, it would be hell troublesome.. so why not stick myself to econs and TRY MY VERY BEST to adapt to it and fall in Love with it???errr.. i need a professional economist to guide me, like seriously.. despite that i have one economist with me, here. *my sis* LOL. too bad we're studying in diff campus, taking diff sub.. so.. screw it.. :S one of my friend was telling me bout how wrong the way i study.. yup, i guess hez so RIGHT... i had like 8 days to study but somehow ntg much goes into my mind.. thats the big prob.. havin so mny days to study but couldnt absorb much.. am i stupid..?am i suitable to study economics?i know im pretty slow when it comes to understanding, but i did try my best to undstd.. some parts just drive me crazy.. :S :S so wad shud i do now?revise constantly?sounds better?or to rush like last min and cramp everything into my brain?LOLs. oh well, i guess the 1st suggestion would be much better uh??LOLs. i know im sucha loser that i dun even know wad i want.. yeap this is absolutely true.. i admit it.. to be honest, i know wad im interested in, but there's no chance for me to step back now.. thus, im stuck.. really really stuck.. i want to score for every sub like how my sis did.. of course.. who doesnt want to score right.?but its just.. arghhh, the way i manage everything is a big prob for me now, i supposed.. i;ve always wanted to be as smart as my broz and sister, but it just failed in a way.. okay i know how slacky i am, i know i shud stop fbooking everyday, i know i shud stop msn-ing like everyday.. but these are the things i can do when im alone in my room, in aussie.. it could be super lifeless without laptop here... LOLs

i know, study hard is the key point.. no point studying hard like a mad gurl without knowing that wad ur studying.. hmm this is really true.. and it happens on me all the time.. i know how much i have strived for, but the outcome is always disappointing.. i want Ds and HDs seriously!! the only way to have high scores is to STUDY SMART STUDY SMART STUDY SMART. sorry to mention it again and again.. cause it really works.. study with understanding is a MUST. to move on.. lols.. hahahahaaha.. exclude subs like manage and marketing, they are more on memorising.. :D again, i dun like memorising, so i choose to understand, but still it failed in a way.. :S god god god can u pls help me????i dun want to give up that easily. but seriously, i have that thought b4, when im super stress and fail to undstd wth im studying bout.. this is really shyt.. but in the end, i chose not to give up :) but i have seriously lost the confident.. oh wait, its more like i dun have the confidence at all.. :S my life is just soo screwed up when it comes to exam, and studies.. god, i need help.. :S i really want my resuls to be good! and i mean it.. wad shud i do.. :S guess im really dumb.. :S

on the other hand, when it comes to celebrities, im no. 1..LOLs cant help it cause thats my interest.. imagine, memorising the song without looking at the lyrics, and this can be done after listening to the song for a few times.. seee..?thats all bout interest.. but nowadays, a degree is hell important to get a job.. so no matter how tough it is, i have to go thru it.. come to think of it, i shud actually feel contented for wad i have now.. stop all the bullshitting and complains.. cause im sure there are mny ppl in this world hu dont have the chance to study.. the video inspired me to study.. but in the end it failed again.. OMG.. i m just so.. zzzzzzzz...

same thing when it comes to feelings.. when there's no interest, its hard to develop feelings.. so yeahh.. everything is about interest!!! OMG i've typed a hell long post.. cause i want to release stress.. so dun blame me..
on the oother note, i've been posting up old picts (if u guys realise), reason is because i;ve been isolating myself.. ever since exam started.. no outings no picts.. :S bear with me okay?will upload picts after exam! promise promise.. :D

below are picts of me and my hommies :Dand not to forget my loves as well.. :D

pls let me pass all my subs :(

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Good Old Times...

was taking a break from studies, browsed thru my photo album and i saw this!!! hehhehee.. the picts below were taken early this yr if im not mistaken...

yeap, the good old times, we went to sunway lagoon.. ;) had hell loadsa fun there..
not mny picts taken as we werent allowed to bring cameras around.. :D

i miss my gossip kaki meiz, the angelic gurl yin and of course the sexy mama jose :P
wonder how have u all been doing lately.. sad case that meiz is leaving to perth and jose to queensland.. =( how nice it would be if all of us happen to meet up in aussie.. :p :P

anyw, a short post to update my blog.. :P
good luck in exams everyone :)
for those hu have finished, hope u guys enjoy ur hols to the fullest.. :)

okay, back to macro pol....

enjoy the picts below...
my hair was still black during that time.. hehehee.. and it was pretty short too.. :D